Cucumber growers have two rather troublesome foes to deal with, namely red spider and stem-canker. The first will never have a chance to gain a footing if abundance of moisture is provided; therefore, a saturated state of the atmosphere must be maintained. If the plants are allowed to suffer from drought, and the atmosphere to become arid, red spider will appear, and then the leaves will lose substance, and become curled and reddish. Canker is rarely, if ever, seen attacking the stems of Cucumbers when rough, lumpy soil is used, but it is common enough when finely sifted soil is employed. Here, therefore, as in so many other instances, culture dominates the situation. Should canker show, rub in soot and lime at once.

Fig. 32. Mint Disease.

Fig. 32. Mint Disease.

Mint is sometimes attacked by a fungus in the manner shown herewith:

A, sprig of common or spear Mint: a, part of creeping rootstem, with fungus, which has advanced from below; b, stem and side shoots also affected.

B, sprig at a later stage of the disease: c, point of detachment; d, stem quite girdled by the fungus, causing the part above to wither and die.

Mint rust is impossible to cure when it once gets a good hold of the rootstock, and the best thing is to clear the plants quite away and get fresh, healthy stock.