Fig. 3. A Plot Of About One Acre Cropped With Fruit And Vegetables

Fig. 3. A Plot Of About One Acre Cropped With Fruit And Vegetables

(Size of plot: 75 by 65 yards. Scale 1 inch = 60 feet.)

A, the entrance to the garden from the south.

B, the entrance to the garden from the north.

C, the central walk and cross-paths.

D, the end and side paths.

E, a cinder path.

F, a south wall with the south aspect occupied by Apricots, Cherries,

Plums, and Pears; the north aspect with culinary Plums and Apples.

G, a north wall: the south aspect accommodating Peaches, Nectarines, and Figs, and the north aspect Morello Cherries and late Currants.

H, an east wall: on the east aspect, Cherries and dessert Plums; on the west aspect, Pears.

I, a west wall: the west aspect with Pears and choice Apples, the east aspect with Plums and Pears.

J, the bush fruit quarter: a, Raspberries; b, Black Currants; c, Red Currants; d, White Currants; e, Gooseberries; f, Strawberries; g, (on the outside border) Rhubarb.

K, dessert and culinary Apple trees, bushes or pyramids, 9 feet apart.

Permanent vegetable and other crops: h, Horseradish; i, Jerusalem Artichokes; j, Globe Artichokes; k, Seakale; l, herbs, etc.

General vegetable crops: m, autumn Onions; n, winter Spinach; o, spring Lettuces; p, early Strawberries; q, early, dwarf, or French Beans; r, early Broad Beans; s, seed beds for Brassicas and Celery; t, early Carrots and Turnips; u, new bed of herbs; v, summer Turnips; w, late Broccoli; x, Vegetable Marrows; y, early Potatoes; z, early Peas; a, ridge Cucumbers; b, second early Potatoes; c, Broccoli; d, late Strawberries; e, late Celery; f, the main crop of Broccoli; g, Brussels Sprouts; h, second early Peas; i, main crop Peas; j, late Peas; k, Runner Beans; l, main crop Celery; m, main crop Potatoes; n, spring Onions; o, Carrots; p, Beet; q, Salsify; r, Leeks; s, Parsnips; t, Parsley; u, Asparagus; v, early succession Cauliflowers.