1. Trimera

Trimera. Tarsus three-jointed. Ex. Lady-birds (Coccinellidae).

2. Tetramera

Tetramera. Tarsus four-jointed. Ex. The Longicorn Beetles (Longicornia), the Weevils (Rhynchophora), etc.

3. Heteromera

Heteromera. Tarsus of the two anterior pairs of legs five-jointed, of the posterior pair four-jointed. Ex. The Blister Beetles (Can-tharidae), and the great family of the Tenebrionidae.

4. Pentamera

Pentamera. Tarsus five-jointed in all the legs. Ex. Soldierbeetles (Telephorus), Glow-worm (Lampyris), the Elateridae (the larvae known as "wire-worms") the beautiful Buprestidae, the great group of the Lamellicorn Beetles (such as the Stag-beetle, Cockchafer, Dung-beetle, &c), the Burying beetles (Necrophorus), the Devil's-coach-horses (Staphylinidae), the Water-beetles (Hydro-philidae and Dytiscidae), the Whirligigs (Gyrinidae), the Ground-beetles (Carabidae), and the Tiger-beetles (Cicindelidae).

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