Range. - Throughout North America, breeding from northern United States northward and wintering from the middle to the southern portions of the United States.

In regard to size this Grebe comes next to the Western, being 19 in. in length. This bird can be distinguished by the white cheeks and throat and the reddish brown fore-neck. They breed abundantly in the far north placing their floating islands of decayed vegetation in the water in the midst of the marsh grass. They lay from three to six eggs of a dingy white color which have the stained surface common to Grebes eggs. Size 2.35 x 1.25.

White, stained buff

White, stained buff.

2 Holboell s Grebe Colymbus Holboellii 10Nest And Eggs Of Holboell's Grebe Lake Winnipegosis, Manitoba

Walter Raine NEST AND EGGS OF Holboell's GREBE Lake Winnipegosis, Manitoba.