Range. - Resident along the coast of southern and Lower California.

This bird is blackish above and entirely white below, inculding the sides of the head below the eye. The whole of the under surface of the wing is also white. They breed on the coast islands from Santa Barbara southward. The single egg is laid at the end of a burrow or in crevices among the rocks. It is a pale buffy white in color and thickly, but finely dotted over the whole surface with purplish brown, and with some larger spots at the larger end. Size 2.05 v 1.40. Data. - Galapagos Islands, March 2, 1901. No nest. Single egg laid in a crevice in the rocks. Collector, Rollo H. Beck.

Pale Blue

Pale Blue.

25 Xantus Murrelet Brachyramphus Hypoleucus 52Xantus Murrelet. Mandt's Guillemot

Xantus Murrelet. Mandt's Guillemot.