Range. - Apparently now restricted to the coast ranges of California, casually inland to Arizona, and formerly to British Columbia.

This large bird, which weighs about 20 pounds, measures about 4 feet in length, and has an expanse of wings of about 10 feet. Its plumage is blackish with lengthened lanceolate feathers about the neck, and with the greater wing coverts broadly tipped with grayish white (in very old birds). The birds are very rare in their restricted range and are becoming scarcer each year, owing to their being shot and their nests robbed. While the eggs are very rarely found and only secured at a great risk, they are not as unobtainable as many suppose, as may be seen from the fact that one private collection contains no less than six perfect specimens of the eggs and as many mounted birds. These birds lay but a single egg, placing it generally in caves or recesses in the face of cliffs, hundreds of feet from the ground, and often in inaccessable locations. The eggs are of an ashy gray color and measure about 4.45 x 1.55.

California Vulture

California Vulture.

324 California Vulture Gymnogyps Californianus 595324 California Vulture Gymnogyps Californianus 597

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