Range. - North America, breeding in the northern parts of the United States and in British America, and south in the Rockies to Mexico; winters south to the middle portions of the United States.

This small species (length 8 inches) is marked very similarly to the preceding, but the plumage is brown instead of gray. They normally nest in hollow trees, generally in deserted Woodpecker holes, in extensively wooded sections, and usually in mountainous country, especially in the United States. They have also been known to nest in bird boxes near farm houses and in old Crow's nests. During April or May, they lay from three to six white eggs. Size 1.20 x 1.00. They are quiet and chiefly nocturnal birds, not often seen, and may be found nesting in any of the northern states.

Richardson's Owl

Richardson's Owl. Saw-whet Owl

372a. Northwestern Saw-Whet Owl. Cryptoglaux Acadica Scotiaea

Range. - A dark variety found on the coast of British Columbia.

372a Northwestern Saw Whet Owl Cryptoglaux Acadica 709372a Northwestern Saw Whet Owl Cryptoglaux Acadica 710