Range. - United States east of the Plains and from North Carolina to Canada.

The Hairy Woodpecker or its sub-species is found in all parts of North America. The nesting habits and eggs of all the sub-species are not in any way different from those of the eastern bird, consequently what is said in regard to the eastern form will apply equally to all its varieties.

Hairy Woodpecker

Hairy Woodpecker.

Except during the winter months, this species is not as commonly seen about houses or orchards as the Downy Wodpecker. During the summer they retire to the larger woods to nest, laying their eggs in holes in the trunks or limbs of trees at any height from the ground, and generally using the same hole year after year, and often twice or three times during one season, if the first sets are taken. They lay from three to six glossy white eggs; size .95 x .70. This species can be distinguished from the Downy Woodpeckers by their larger size (9 inches long), and the white outer tail feathers, which are unspotted.

393a. Northern Hairy Woodpecker. Dryobates Villosus Leucomelas

Range. - North America, north of the United States. Slightly larger than the preceding.

393b. Southern Hairy Woodpecker. Dryobates Villosus Auduboni

Range. - Southern United States; north to South Carolina. Similar to the Hairy Woodpecker, but smaller.

393c. Harris's Woodpecker. Dryobates Villosus Harrisi

Range. - Pacific coast from California to British Columbia.

Similar to the Hairy but with fewer or no white spots on the wing coverts, and grayish on the underparts.

393d. Cabanis Woodpecker. Dryobates Villosus Hyloscopus

Range. - Southern California, east to Arizona and south into Mexico. Like the preceding but whiter below.

393e Rocky Mountain Hairy Woodpecker. Dryobates villosus monticola.

Range. - Rocky Mountains from British Columbia south to New Mexico.

Similar to harrisi but slightly larger and pure white be low.

393f. Queen Charlotte Woodpecker. Dryobates Villosus Picoideus

Range. - Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia. Like Harris Woodpecker, but with the flanks streaked and the middle of the back spotted with blackish.



393f Queen Charlotte Woodpecker Dryobates Villosus 767

393c - 394a white, glossy.