Range. - North America, west of the Plains and south of Canada.

Similar to the others of the genus but grayish brown above and with the underparts much paler, the throat and breast being nearly white. Like the others they nest in cavities in trees, either natural or ones made by Woodpeckers. Their four to five eggs are lighter in color than those of crin-itus but cannot be distinguished from those of the Mexican Crested Flycatcher.

454 Ash Throated Flycatcher Myiarchus Cinerascens  882

453 - 454

454 Ash Throated Flycatcher Myiarchus Cinerascens  884


454 Ash Throated Flycatcher Myiarchus Cinerascens  885454 Ash Throated Flycatcher Myiarchus Cinerascens  886

454b. Lower California Flycatcher. Myiarchus Cinerascens Pertinax

Range. - Lower California.

This sub-species is similar to Nutting Flycatcher but paler below and grayish above.

455a. Olivaceous Fly Catcher. Myiarchus Lanrencei Olivascens

Range. - Western Mexico, north to southern Arizona.

This is the smallest of the genus found in the United States, being but 7 inches in length. Except for size it is similar to crinitus but with very little, if any, rusty brown on tail, except for a slight edging on the outer web.



Their nesting sites are the same as those chosen by the other Crested Flycatcher, but their eggs appear to have but little of the scratchy appearance of the other members. They are pale buffy, speckled and spotted with brown and lilac; size .80 x .60. Data. -

Toluca, Mexico, May 20, 1895. Nest of brown hair and feathers, in hole in tree in woods. Collector, Fred T. Francis.