Range. - United States west of the Rockies and from

Oregon and Wyoming to Mexico.

This species has the crown and forehead bluish, and the underparts gray, streaked with bluish gray on the breast. It is also larger than the last, being 12 inches long. They are very abundant in the Great Basin between the Rockies and the Sierra Nevadas, breeding during April or May in scrub by trees or bushes at low elevations and generally near streams. They lay from three to five eggs of a dull bluish green color, spotted with umber and lilac gray. Size 1.08 x .80. Data. - Iron County, Utah,

May 3, 1897. 4 eggs. Nest of sticks and weeds in a small pine tree.

Greenish blue Data.   Titusville,

Greenish blue Data. - Titusville,.

Bluish green

Bluish green.

480 Woodhouse s Jay Aphelocoma Woodhousei 954

480 - 487

480 Woodhouse s Jay Aphelocoma Woodhousei 955

480.1. Blue-Eared Jay. Aphelocoma Cyanotis

Range. - Interior of Mexico north to the southern boundary of Texas.

The nesting habits of this species are the same as those of the others of the genus and the eggs are similar but the markings are generally more prominent and larger. Size 1.10 x .80.

480.2. Texas Jay. Aphelocoma Texana

Range. - Southeastern Texas.

It is not likely that the eggs of this species differ essentially from those of many of the others.