Range. -North America, east of the Rockies, breeding from southern United

States north to New Brunswick and Saskatchewan.

This beautiful and well known eastern Oriole can readily be identified by its orange flame color and entirely black head. Even better known than the birds, are the pensile nests which retain their positions on the swaying drooping branches all through the winter. Although they build in many other trees, elms seem to be their favorites. Their nests are made of plant fibres and frequently string, and often reach a length of about 10 inches and about half that in diameter; they are usually attached to drooping branches by the rim so that they rock to and fro, but are sometimes held more firmly in position by having their side bound to a branch. Their eggs, which are laid in May and June, are white, streaked and lined with blackish brown and grayish. Size .90 x .60.


Baltimore Oriole.

Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole.



507 Baltimore Oriole Icterus Galbula 1015