Range. - North America breeding abundantly in Labrador and about Hudson Bay, and casually in northern New England and in western United States in the Rockies and Sierras.

Winters along our Mexican border and southward. A handsome species with a broad white crown bordered on either side by black, and with a white superciliary line and black lores; the underpays are uniform grayish white. These birds appear to be nowhere as common as the White-throated Sparrows with which they associate during migrations and in the breeding grounds. They build on the ground, generally near the edges of woods or in clearings, and lay from four to six eggs similar but larger, and with as much variation in markings as those of the Song Sparrow; pale greenish blue, spotted and splashed with reddish brown and grayish. Size .90 x .65. Data. - Nachook, Labrador, June 10, 1897. Nest of fine grasses on the ground in a clump of grass.

Pale greenish blue

Pale greenish blue.

White crowned Sparrow

White-crowned Sparrow.

554a. Gambel's Sparrow. Zonotrichia Leucophrys Gambeli

Range. - Rocky Mountains and westward from Mexico to Alaska, breeding chiefly north of the United States.

This bird is like the last but the lores are white. Its nesting habits and eggs cannot be distinguished from those of the former.

554a Gambel s Sparrow Zonotrichia Leucophrys Gambe 1109

554b. Nuttall's Sparrow. Zonotrichia Leucophrys Nuttalii

Range. - Pacific coast from British Columbia to Lower California.

Similar to the last but smaller and browner above; nests on the ground or in bushes, the eggs not being distinguishable from those of the other White-crowns.