Range. - Breeds from central Texas to Kansas; winters in southern Texas and Mexico.

This species is grayish brown above, with black throat, white superciliary and line on side of throat. This is a common species that nests on the ground or at low elevations in bushes, making their nests of weed stems and grasses. The three to five eggs are bluish white, unmarked and similar to those of the

Bluebird but smaller. Size .72 x .55.

Black throated Sparrow

Black-throated Sparrow.

573a. Desert Sparrow. Amphispiza Bilineata Deserticola

Range. - Southwestern United States from western Texas to southern California, and north to Colorado and Nevada; winters in Mexico.

Like the last but paler above. An abundant bird among the foothills and on plains throughout its range. Found generally in sage brush and thickets where it nests in bushes or on the ground laying three or four bluish white eggs like those of the last.