Range. - Eastern United States, breeding from the Gulf to northern United States.

This Vireo has white eyes, as implied by its name, is yellowish green on the sides and with two prominent bars. They have no song, like the other Vireos, but a strange medley of notes resembling those of the Chat or Shrike. They nest near the ground in tangled thickets, making large nests for the size of the birds and not always suspended; they are made of weeds, leaves, grass, bark or any trash. Their three or four eggs are laid late in May or early in June; they are white, sparingly speckled with brown; size .75 x .55.

631a. Key West Vireo. Vireo Griseus Maynardi

Range. - Southern Florida.

This grayer and paler variety nests in the same manner and the eggs are not distinct from those of the last form. 383



White eyed Vireo

White-eyed Vireo.



631a Key West Vireo Vireo Griseus Maynardi 1271631a Key West Vireo Vireo Griseus Maynardi 1272

629a - 632

631b. Bermuda Vireo. Vireo Griseus Ber-Mudianus

Range. - Bermudas.

This variety is said to be slightly smaller and to have no yellow on the sides. Its eggs are probably the same as those of the others.

631c. Small White-Eyed Vireo. Vireo Griseus Micrus

Range. - Eastern Mexico north to southern Texas. Said to be slightly smaller and grayer than the common White-eyed Vireo. Its eggs will not differ.