Range. - Resident on the California coast; chiefly in the southern parts.

A similar species to noveboracensis but with the under parts tinged with yellow. These birds are quite common but shy, nesting at any height from the ground in open woods or groves; the nests are made of grasses and moss and swung from forked limbs; the three or four eggs are pure white, finely specked with reddish brown. Size .70 x .50.



632a. Stephen's Vireo. Vireo Huttoni Stephensi

Range. - Northwestern Mexico and the boundary of the United States.

This variety, which is more yellowish than the last, appears to be rather uncommon but as far as I can learn its habits and nesting do not differ from those of the other Vireos; the eggs are white, specked with brown. Size .70 x .50.

632c. Anthony's Vireo. Vireo Huttoni Obscurus

Range. - Pacific coast from Oregon (and Cal. in winter) to British Columbia.

The nesting habits and eggs of this darker and smaller variety are the same in all respects as those of the Hutton's Vireo.