Range. - North America east of the Plains, breeding from New York and Illinois north to Hudson Bay and Labrador; winters south of our borders.

This small species is yellow below and greenish above, with an ashy gray head and neck, enclosing a chestnut crown patch. They breed abundantly in New England, usually on side hills covered with clumps of young pines, the nests being placed flush with the surface of the ground and usually covered with overhanging grass; they are made of grasses and pine needles, the eggs are white, finely specked with bright reddish brown. Size .60 x .45. Data. - Worcester, Mass., June 23, 1895. Nest of pine needles and grasses in hollow in the moss on a scrubby pine hillside.



Nashville Warbler Orange crowned Warbler

Nashville Warbler. Orange-crowned Warbler.

645a. Calaveras Warbler. Vermivora Rubricapilla Gutturalis

Range. - Western United States, breeding on ranges from California and Idaho north to British Columbia; winters in Mexico.

A slightly brighter colored form of the last species. Their habits are the same and the eggs cannot be distinguished from those of the eastern bird.