Range. - Eastern United States, breeding from the Gulf to southern British Provinces; winters in the Gulf States and southward.

This common eastern species is greenish above and dull yellowish below, streaked with dusky on the sides. They are almost exclusively found in pine woods, either light or heavy growth, where they can always be located by their peculiar, musical lisping trill. They nest high in these trees, placing their nests in thick bunches of needles, so that they are very difficult to locate. They nest from March in the south to May in the northern states, laying three or four dull whitish eggs, specked or blotched with shades of brown and lilac; size .68 x .52. Data. - Worcester, Mass., May 28, 1891. Nest 30 feet up in a pine; made of pine needles and rootlets.

Pine Warblers. Palm Warblers

Pine Warblers. Palm Warblers.