Range. - Lower California.

This peculiar species is like the common Yellow-throat but has the black mask bordered by yellow instead of white, and the black on the forehead extends diagonally across the head from in front of one eye to the rear of the other. Their habits are like those of the other Yellow-throats and the nests are similar to those of the latter, which are frequently placed in cane over the water. Nests found by Mr. Walter E. Bryant were situated in clumps of "cat-tails" between two and three feet above the water; the nests were made of dry strips of these leaves, lined with fibres; the eggs were like those of the common Yellow-throats but larger; size .75 x .56.

Maryland Yellow throats Belding's Yellow throat

Maryland Yellow-throats. Belding's Yellow-throat.

682.1. Rio Grande Yellow-Throat. Chom-Aethlypis Poliocephala

Range. - Mexico north to the Lower Rio Grande Valley in Texas.

This Yellow-throat has the crown and ear coverts gray, only the lores and forehead being black. The nests and eggs of these birds, which are fairly common about Brownsville, Texas, do not differ from those of the other Yellow-throats.

Rio Grande Yellow throat Yellow breasted Chat

Rio Grande Yellow-throat. Yellow-breasted Chat.