Range. - South Atlantic and Gulf States, north to New Jersey and Illinois.

These noted birds are very common in the south where they are found, and nest about houses in open woods, fields, and along roadways; their nests are rude, bulky structures of twigs, grasses, leaves, etc., placed in trees or bushes at low elevations; the three to five eggs are usually dull greenish blue, boldly spotted with brownish. Size .95 x .72.



703a. Western Mockingbird. Mimus Polyglottos Leucopterus

Range. - Southwestern United States from Texas to California, and southward.

This subspecies is as common in its range, and its habits are the same as those of the eastern bird. The nests and eggs are identical with those of the last, and like that variety they frequently nest in odd places as do all common birds when they become familiar with civilization.

Dull greenish blue

Dull greenish blue.