Range. - United States east of the Rockies, breeding from the Gulf north to Manitoba and New England; winters in southern United States.

These birds are very abundant in suitable localities throughout their range, breeding in colonies in large marshes and in smaller num bers in small marshy places. Their nests are similar to those of the last, being globular and attached to cat-tails or reeds; the entrance is a small round hole in the side of the rush-woven structures and the interior is neatly finished with fine grass and hair. They lay from five to eight eggs of a pale chocolate color, dotted and spotted with darker shades of the same; size .64 x .45. Data. - Delray, Mich., May 27, 1900. Six eggs. Nest a ball of woven flags and grasses, lined with cat-tail down, and attached to rushes in salt marsh over two feet of water Collector, Geo. W. Morse.

725 Long Billed Marsh Wren Telmatodytes Palustris  1457

623 - 723.1 - 725a

Pale brown

Pale brown.

Short billed Marsh Wren. Long billed Marsh Wren

Short-billed Marsh Wren. Long-billed Marsh Wren.

725a. Tule Wren. Telmatodytes Palustris Paludicola

Range. - Western United States on the Pacific coast; north to British Columbia.

The nesting habits and eggs of these birds are in all respects like those of the last.

725b. Worthington's Marsh Wren. Telmatodytes Palustris Griseus

Range. - Coast of South Carolina and Georgia.

The habits and eggs of this paler form are identical with those of palustris.

725c. Western Marsh Wren. Telmatodytes Palustris Plesius

Range. - United States west of the Rockies, except the Pacific coast; north to British Columbia. This variety is like the Tule Wren but slightly paler; its nesting habits and eggs are the same.

725.1. Marian's Marsh Wren. Telmatodytes Palustris Marianae

Range. - West coast of Florida.

This species is similar to the Long-billed variety but is darker and more barred above and below. Its nests and eggs will not be found to differ materially from those of the others of this genus.

725 1 Marian s Marsh Wren Telmatodytes Palustris M 1462