Range. - Western United States in the Rocky Mountain region; north to Saskatchewan; south in winter to Mississippi Valley and casually east to New England and the intermediate states.

These are dull and yellowish birds, shading to brownish on the head; with a bright yellow forehead and suspercil-iary line, black wings and tail, and white inner secondaries and greater coverts. They breed in the mountainous portions of their range, placing their flat nests of sticks and rootlets in low trees or bushes. The eggs are laid in May or June and are greenish white spotted and blotched with brown; size .90 x .65.

Evening Grosbeak

Evening Grosbeak.

Greenish white

Greenish white.

514a. Western Evening Grosbeak. Hesperiphona Vespertina Montana

Range. - Western United States, breeding in the mountains from New Mexico to British Columbia.

The nesting habits and eggs of this variety are the same as those of the preceding, and the birds can rarely be separated.