Range. - Now rare in Florida and along the Gulf coast to Indian Territory. As late as 1885, the Carolina Paroquets were abundant in the South Atlantic and Gulf States, but owing to their wanton destruction by man, they have been exterminated in the greater portion of their range, and now are rarely seen in any locality, and then only in the most unhabitable swamps and thickets. A reliable account of their nesting habits is lacking, as are also specimens of their eggs taken from wild birds. They are said to build rude nests of sticks upon horizontal branches of cypress trees, and to nest in colonies; it is also claimed that they nest in hollow trees, laying from three to five pure white eggs. The one figured is one of three laid in confinement at Washington, D. C, by a pair of birds owned by Mr. Robert Ridgeway. It is 1.31 x 1.06 and was laid July 12, 1892. This set is in the collection of Mr. John Lewis Childs.



Carolina Paroquet

Carolina Paroquet.

382.1. Thick-Billed Parrot. Rhynchopsitta Pachyrhyncha

Range. - Mexico, north casually to the Mexican border of the United States. This large Parrot (16 inches long) has a heavy black bill, and the plumage is entirely green except for the deep red forehead, strips over the eye, shoulder, and thighs, and the yellowish under wing coverts. Their eggs are white and are laid in natural cavities in large trees in forests.