Range. - Breeds in the Arctic regions except in the Rockies where it nearly reaches the United States; winters south to the northern tier of states.

This handsome crested, grayish brown Wax-wing resembles the common Cedar Waxwing but is larger (length 8 inches), has a black throat, much white and yellow on the wing and a yellow tip to tail. Their nests are made of rootlets, grass and moss, and situated in trees usually at a low elevation. The eggs resemble those of the Cedar-bird, but are larger and the marking more blotchy with indistinct edges; dull bluish blotched with blackish brown; size .95 x .70. Data. - Great Slave Lake, June 23, 1884. Nest in a willow 8 feet from the ground. Collected for Josiah Hooper. (Crandall collection).

Dull bluish

Dull bluish.

Bohemian Waxwing'

Bohemian Waxwing.