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Cat Books

Stories and reference books for cat lovers and care takers

-The Book Of The Cat | by Frances Simpson
Fanciers have long felt the want of a work dealing in a popular manner with cats, and it was therefore with great pleasure that I undertook to write The Book of the Cat, and to give the results of a long experience in as simple and interesting a form as possible, so that the book might be instructive to cat fanciers, and also readable to that portion of the community which loves cats for themselves and not only for their prizes and pedigrees. It is possible that the beautiful reproductions in this work may result in the conversion of some cat haters, who, seeing the error of their ways, may give poor puss a corner in their hearts. Dogs are more essentially the friends of men, and cats may be considered as the chosen allies of womankind...
-Cats And All About Them | by Frances Simpson
It has been suggested to me by many of my "catty" friends that I should write a small handbook for cat fanciers. By arrangement with the Kennel Publishing Company I have been enabled to utilise the paragraphs of Practical Pussyology which have appeared during the last fifteen months in Our Cats. I have had many years' experience with cats and kittens, and have also a real love for them, without which I do not believe any one can be a successful breeder and exhibitor of cats. What is worth doing at all is worth doing well, and to combine profit with pleasure is a most desirable end to have in view. The object, therefore, of this little book is to assist cat lovers to become cat fanciers. I trust that it may be found helpful and instructive.
-The Cat: Its Points And Management In Health And Disease | by Frank Townend Barton
Several works have already appeared on the "Cat," - most of which deal with it from an exhibition point of view - its management and diseases. Unfortunately, such are often defective, - if not inaccurate; though it is unreasonable to expect the layman to be an expert in matters appertaining to diseases of the Cat. The Author has had extensive experience in all matters concerning the animal, and this is the reason why he has collaborated with the publishers in the preparation of this work...
-Everybody's Cat Book | by Dorothy Bevill Champion
"Everybody's Cat Book" has been written with the idea of helping all who are interested in cats, those who may wish to breed fancy varieties for show or profit, as well as those who wish to care properly for their one pet cat. The author does not profess to have written a comprehensive treatise on diseases or medicines, but simply prescribes reliable remedies for the more ordinary ills that feline flesh is heir to, and nothing is recommended, either food or medicine, which has not already been successfully used by the writer. It is hoped that "Everybody's Cat Book" may be the means of saving both cats and their owners many unpleasant, not to say dangerous, results from experimental prescriptions, prescribed by those who have had no practical experience with the diseases of cats.
-The Cat | by Rush Shippen Huidekoper
A guide to the classification and varieties of cats and a short treatise upon their care, diseases, and treatment
-The Book Of Cats | by Charles Henry Ross
A chit-chat chronicle of feline facts and fancies, legendary, lyrical medical, mirthful and miscellaneous.
-Our Cats And All About Them | by Harrison Weir
Their varieties, habits, and management; And for show, the standard of excellence and beauty; Described and pictured

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