Another of the Pet Dogs, proper, is the lovely little Maltese Terrier, whose praises I have been singing for years, and I am delighted to see they are slowly coming back into favour. Those of my readers who remember the Team shown, many years since, by the late Lady Giffard, will, I think, confirm my opinion, that a more beautiful lot of ladies' pet dogs could not be seen. To those not acquainted with the breed, I may say, they resemble very small drop-eared Skye Terriers, with pure white long coats, often sweeping the ground, and almost like floss silk in texture, with short backs and tails curled over them, dark, piercing eyes and black noses. They are very smart, corky little fellows. I admire them greatly, and have done my best for some years past to revive interest in them, and am glad to see better entries at shows which provide classes and judges to suit them. This is thought to be one of the oldest of the Toy breeds, having been highly prized by the ladies of ancient Greece, and other nations of that historic period. Head should be much like that of a drop-eared Skye in miniature. Coat long, straight and silky, often sweeping the ground, quite free from curl, or wooliness. Nose and roof of mouth black, ears moderately long, well feathered, with hair mingling on neck.

Tail short, well feathered, and curled tightly over back. Colour, pure white, without markings, or even tints of any other colour. Weight five to six pounds, the smaller the better, other points being equal.

By the kindness of my old friend, Mr. J. Jacobs, the best known breeder of Maltese, I have been able to give a portrait of his beautiful little champion.