This breed, which first appeared at Darlington Dog show in 1866, had existed in the extreme north of England, for nearly or quite fifty years before that, and has always been more bred and kept in the north than in any other part of the country, although I have occasionally seen good specimens elsewhere. The following extract from a letter published in "The Field" in March, 1869, from a staunch supporter of the breed, will be of interest to some of my readers. "The Bedlington Terrier is fast, and whether on land, or in water, is equally at home; in appetite, these dogs are dainty, and they seldom fatten; but experience has shown them to be wiry, enduring, and, in courage, equal to the bull dog. They will face almost anything, and I know of a dog which will extinguish a candle or lighted paper at his master's bidding! To these other good qualities may be added, their marked intelligence, and hostility to vermin of all kinds. They will encounter the otter, fox, badger, with the greatest determination.

Bedlington Terrier . CH.  CLYDE BOY  R.H.SMITH.owner .

Bedlington-Terrier . CH. "CLYDE-BOY" R.H.SMITH.owner .

The points of the Bedlington Terrier, which is a very lively member, as a rule, are as follows: Skull narrow and domed, and adorned with a silky top-knot; jaws very strong and punishing and lips tight; nose large and either black or liver-coloured, according to shade of the coat, eyes small and rather deeply sunk, their colour following that of body, ears fine, filbert shaped, tipped with soft silky hair and carried flat against the sides of the head, neck long and shoulders sloping, body rather narrow at the chest, but deep at this point, ribs flat, slightly arched at the loins, which should be powerful, legs straight, feet of fair size, hindquarters graceful looking and not too heavy, tail tapering almost all the way from base, carried in a curve like a Turkish Sword; coat much as a Dandie's, linty, composed of a mixture of hard and soft hair. Colours blue liver or sandy, or mixtures of above with tanned markings, pure self colours preferred and any white objectionable. General appearance that of a particularly alert and active dog of immense energy and courage, and quite prepared to take his own part, with any dog of any breed.