The head should be long and rather narrow, the skull slightly domed and not very broad at base, muzzle long, square and clean, not too pointed at end; nose moderately large, with wide nostrils, ears fine, set on low and lying close to sides of head; eyes, soft, bright and intelligent, not light in colour. Neck very muscular and of fair length; shoulders clean and sloping, chest not wide but deep; back strong and muscular; ribs well sprung and deep; powerful, broad loin; thighs fairly long and muscular; stifles well let down and bent; forelegs well feathered and straight, pasterns short, straight and firm; stern medium length, well set on, almost in line with back, not carried gaily or curled; feet close and compact, slightly feathered between toes. Coat free from any curl, soft, wavy and silky. Colours: blue and white ticked, white with black markings and white with liver markings most favoured, but almost any others allowed except red, and black and tan.

The Gordon or Black and Tan Setters are supposed to have been so called from their original connection with Gordon Castle Kennels. There are, however, said to be many good specimens not in any way related to that particular strain, the colour of which was tricolour, black, tan and white. This variety is heavier than their English or Irish brethren, and shows more of the Hound and less of the Spaniel. The head is stronger, with deeper and broader muzzle and heavier lips, the ears are also somewhat longer, and the eyes often show the haw; the black should be as jet and absolutely free from white. The tan on cheeks and over eyes and on feet and pasterns should be rich and bright and clearly defined, and the feathering on forelegs and thighs should also be tan.

The Irish Setters are higher on the leg than their English cousins, although, in most respects, the conformation of body is precisely the same in both breeds. Head long and narrow, muzzle square, lips moderately deep, ears fine, set low and lying well back, giving a domed appearance to the skull; "stop" well defined, eyes rich hazel or dark brown, soft and expressive. Chest deep and ribs well sprung; shoulders clean and sloping; loin somewhat arched, broad and muscular. Coat, lustrous and rather plentiful, rich, dark red, with a golden tinge, no white allowable, except a star on head or chest.