He should be of a deep golden liver colour, and should weigh about thirty-four pounds. His head should be long and heavy, his eye large, and languishing, his forehead projecting over the eye, the muzzle square, the lips rather pendulous, his mouth large, and his under jaw rather recedes from the upper jaw. His ears should be large and well furnished with silky hair, they should be small, or narrow, where they spring from the head, and large, or lobe shaped, at the base; they should be set low down, and hang close to the cheeks. The nostrils should be large, the nose large and liver-coloured. The neck should be strong and muscular, with the crest a little arched. The chest, should be wide, the shoulders well thrown back, the body, long, and round. The legs should be short and strong, well flewed to the foot, before and behind. The feet, which are nearly always good in a Spaniel, should be round, well arched, and abundantly furnished with feather. The loin should be very strong, the back ribs very deep and round; the tail, docked to about nine inches, and well-feathered, should be set low, and have a downward action. The proper carriage of the tail marks the Spaniel's purity, as much as anything.

The coat should be waved, not curled, and as already said, of a golden liver colour.