To take these in the above order, I propose to say a few words about each. I regret to say that, really first-rate specimens of the Toy Black and Tans are few and far between, there are many of the right size, and colour, but, so many fail in head, which should be like that of a true terrier of the "Manchester" type, in miniature, but the majority are too round and short in skull, and the other " points" of the breeds are the same. I need not say that a good specimen is a beautiful little creature and a charming pet for a lady, and very smart and showy. I have little doubt that the edict against cropping has had a prejudicial effect on them, as well as their larger brethren, and that having to wear such ears, as they have been born with, gives no chance for the skill of the "cropper" to improve their appearance, and, a great many of the breed appear to have what are known as "Bat," or "Tulip," ears, which look out of proportion to their size. I am in hopes that breeders may succeed (as has been done with the "Manchesters") in breeding more specimens with small drop ears, of the orthodox type, when, no doubt, a revival of interest will be taken in this somewhat neglected variety. One of the best seen for years illustrates this variety.

Occasionally more or less good specimens of the White English Smooth Terrier, in miniature, are seen, and when correct in points, they are very pretty.