The Hare-Indian dog inhabits the country watered by the Mac-kenzie River and the Great Bear Lake of America, where it is used to hunt the moose and reindeer by sight, aided occasionally by its powers of scent, which are by no means contemptible, but kept in abeyance by disuse. The feet are remarkable for spreading on the snow, so as to prevent them from sinking into it, and to enable the dog to bound lightly over a surface which the moose sinks into at every stride. The hight is about 25 inches, combined with great strength. The ears are broad at the base, and pointed towards the tips, being perfectly erect. The tail is thick, bushy, and slightly curved, but not so much so as in the Esquimaux dog. The hair is long and straight; the ground color being white, marked with large, irregular patches of greyish black, shaded with brown.