Is an elegant animal, beautifully formed in all points, and resembling the Italian in delicacy of proportions. In Persia he is used for coursing the hare and antelope, as well as sometimes the wild ass. When the antelope is the object of the chase, relays of greyhounds are stationed where the game is likely to resort to, and slipped each in their turn as the antelope passes.

The Persian greyhound is about 24 inches high. The ears are pendulous like those of the Grecian dog, and hairy like those of the English setter, but in other respects he resembles the English smooth greyhound, with the exception of the tail, which may be compared to that of a silky-coated setter. Several portraits of this dog have appeared at various times in the "Sporting Magazine," and elsewhere, but I am told they do not well represent his appearance.

The Persian Greyhound 18