This young lady's name has been so long known as a successful exhibitor at dog shows (besides others) all over the kingdom, that I am sure my readers will expect to hear something about her and her belongings.

Although her greatest triumphs have been with Pomeranians, she has by no means confined herself to that popular variety, as she has also done well with St. Bernards, such as Mermaid III., Earl of Devon, Sir Newcombe of Rozelle (hereafter referred to as "R"), Plinlimmon of R., Royal Guide, and Royal Guard. Amongst her Greyhounds Rushing Igtham was the best known.

At one time she had a grand lot of Pugs, such as Tyrant of R., Jem of R., Jaspar of R., Kohinoor of R., Countess of R., Duchess of R., Royal Duke of R., Sug I., Silver Prince of R;, Silver Baron of R., Lady Beryl of R., Prince of R., Silver Queen of R., Princess May II., Stately Belle, Dowager of R., Dong of R., Griselda of R., Esme of R., etc.

I am doubtful if any exhibitor but Miss Hamilton can say she refused an offer of 140 for a Pug, and this I remember her doing for Royal Duke of R. when at the height of his fame!

There are few, if any, exhibitors who have owned so many White Pomeranians, amongst which have been Shirley of R., Gretchen of R., Bettelmann of R., Otto of R., Frau Shirley of R., Garda Boohwooh, Mina Pearl Fritz, Undine of R., Rita of R., Rollicher of R., Pegotty, Schnee-weiss of R., Schneeweiss II. of R., Fritz II. of R., Edelmann of R., Champion Rob of R., Champion Konig of R., Furst II. of R., Edelmann II. of R., Rob II. of R., Regina of R., Rex of R., Pegotty of R., Fraulein Shirley of R., Rozelle Suleimann, Haughty Swell, Kleiner Fritz of R., Frau Phoebe of R., Armer Fritz of R., J linger Konig of R., Kleiner Rob of R., Diamond of R., Regent of R., Serena of R., Kleiner Kaiser of R., Rozelle Klondyke, Simplicity, and others.

In Black Pomeranians the following have been inmates of her kennel: Gluck of R., Prinz Carl of R., Carl of R., J linger Weisel of R., Prince of R., Elsa of R., Weisel of R., Hans of R., Moritz of R., Babele of R., Herr Gros of R., Erburing of R., Rozelle Tabot, Rebel of R., Ragged Robin, Rozelle, Mirabelle, and others.



From photo by Lafayette, Dublin.

In Reds and Sables the best known have been Rover, Prince of Orange, Orangette of R., Rozelle Thelma, Contadina of R., Ouida of R., Goldglang of R., Orange Count of R., Rozelle Rufus, Wasp, and others. In Browns and other colours not named the best have been Moltke of R., Undine of R., Bayswater Queen, Eccentric of R., Waibel of R., Manel of R., Kleiner Moritz of R., Mafeking of R., etc.

Miss Hamilton is not one of those exhibitors who take a languid interest in their pets. On almost every occasion she attends the shows, and very frequently takes her dogs into the rings; and only those who, like the writer, have very often had her dogs before them can appreciate the courtesy with which she invariably receives the awards, whether favourable to her pets or not, so that I have often thought that, in a wide experience of all classes of exhibitors, from Royalty to the humblest among working men and women, I have never met a better loser than the subject of this slight sketch, who, I need hardly say, enjoys the regard of a large circle of friends, and, from her generous support of shows in general and amiable disposition, is universally popular in all assemblies of Doggy People, and year after year has been re-elected President of the Pomeranian Club.

Miss Hamilton is the only daughter of Mrs. Hamilton, of Bannerdown, Bath-Easton, and Rozelle, Ayr, N.B. - a lady whom to know is to respect and esteem. Mrs. Hamilton herself is a keen fancier, now chiefly in respect of foreign birds, of which she has a large and valuable collection, and takes the warmest interest in her daughters dogs. Many of my readers may have seen Mrs. Hamilton, when her health permitted, at some of the shows, and all who have enjoyed her hospitality will know what a genial hostess she is, with a fund of amusing anecdotes about her own and her daughter's hobbies.



From photo by Greystone Bird, Bath.

Miss Hamilton does not confine her fancies to dogs, as she takes great delight in horses also, and is skilled in riding and driving, and makes her appearance in the hunting field with the packs near Bath as often as possible during the season, and takes much interest in her cattle, pigs, poultry (which is another favourite hobby of hers), and cats; but I will not go further into this here, as I merely wish to give my readers a few particulars of her as an excellent representative of the best class of Doggy People.

I am able to give an excellent portrait of this highly popular fancier, and of her celebrated White Pomeranian the late Champion Konig of Rozelle, perhaps the best ever shown of his colour and size.