Color: Self-colored, sandy, light fawn, and the various shades of gray. Without white if possible, but a little white on chest and toes does not disqualify.

Height: 25 in.

Weight: 45 lbs.

This dog is indigenous to the North of India, is as hard as nails in constitution, somewhat rough and rugged in outlook, but a well-built, symmetrical dog, possessed of considerable; speed. His expression should be very keen and wicked, especially when roused. Head is long and flat, well filled up before the eyes, with a strong punishing jaw. The ears lay flat on the cheeks and are filbert shaped. His small eye is close set, and the color varies to the shade of the dog's coat. The body is moderately long and falls away a good deal to the set-on of the tail, which also is set on low and carried with an upward sweep. His coat is very thick and dense and close lying, soft to the touch but not silky.