Color: Immaterial, except that self-colored specimens or those with heavy, black markings are objectionable.

Height: 33 in.

Weight: 100 lbs.

The Borzoi is one of the most ancient of Russian breeds and should possess great size, great speed and great strength. The head is of extraordinary length, and should appear rather Roman nosed in profile. The eyes are dark, expressive and almond shaped; ears small, thin and placed well back on the head; the chest is deep and narrow ; the back bony, and well arched; loins broad and very powerful, with well sprung ribs ; the tail is long and well feathered and carried low; the coat should be long and silky, not woolly, and on the neck it should be profuse and rather curly.

This breed, though originating from Russia, has been bred and exhibited in England since 1872. The Duchess of Newcastle and, a little later, Queen Alexandra, then the Princess of Wales, are mainly responsible for the popular favor in which they are now regarded. The finest collection in the world, however, is owned by the Grand Duke Nicholas, at Perchina, near Moscow. These are said to excel even these possessed by the Czar, from whom dogs cannot be purchased.