Brussels Griffon.

Color: Red.

Weight: Under 9 lbs.

This is a ladies' pet dog, very intelligent, sprightly, robust, of compact appearance, and is peculiar for his quasi-human expression. His head is rounded, furnished with hard, irregular hair, which is longer around the eyes and on the nose and cheeks. The ears are erect when cropped, but not otherwise. The eyes are very large, black and with long and black eye lashes, and the hair on his nose should grow upwards, towards his pronounced stop. His chin should be prominent, but must not show the teeth. The tail is erect and cut two-thirds of its length.

There is no definite data as to this dog's precise origin, and though credit for his conception belongs to Brussels, it is highly probable that he has been evolved by an admixture of the Yorkshire Terrier, Irish Terrier and the Ruby Spaniel. His quaint-ness and degree of dignity, altogether disproportionate to his size, account in a large measure for the popular esteem in which he is held.