Corded Poodle.

Color: All black, all white, all red, or all blue. Height: 22 in. Weight: 50 lbs. The most popular varieties of the Poodle are the corded and non-corded. In general appearance he presents an active and elegant outline. He is a well-built dog and carries himself proudly. The head is long, straight and fine. The muzzle should be strong and the lips black and fit tightly. Eyes almond shape, very dark brown, and full of fire and intelligence. The ears are long and wide, set on high and hang close to the head. The back is strong and muscular. The tail is set on high and should never be curled or carried over the back. In the corded variety the white Poodle should have dark eyes, black or dark liver nose, lips and toe nails. The red Poodle should have dark amber eyes, with dark liver nose, lips and toe nails. The blue Poodle should be of even color, without patches of black or white, and have dark eyes, lips and toe nails. All the other points of the white, red and blue Poodle should be the same as the perfect black Poodle. The coat should be very profuse, of good, hard texture, hanging in tight, even cords. In the non-corded variety the coat should be very profuse, of hard texture of even length, and may be either curly or fluffy.

Non-Corded Poodle

Non Corded Poodle.