Color: Dark blue-gray, brindles, yellow and sandy, red or red-fawn, especially if with black points. White is objectionable. Height: 30 in. Weight: 100 lbs.

In general form the deerhound should be like a greyhound, but heavier and wiry coated. The head is long and the muzzle tapers decidedly toward the nose. The skull should be flat with no stop. The eyes are dark brown or hazel, and convey a soft look in repose, but a keen far-away expression when the dog is aroused. The ears are set on high and should fall back. A prick ear is bad, and a thick ear hanging flat to the head or heavily coated is an even worse fault. The neck is fairly long and very strong, and should carry sufficient coat to form a mane. The chest is deep rather than broad, and the tail is fairly long and carried straight down or curved when in repose. The coat on the body, neck and quarters should be harsh and wiry, and about three or four inches long. The Deerhound should be a shaggy dog. A woolly coat is bad.