Smooth Coated Fox Terrier

Color: White should predominate; brindle, red or liver markings are objectionable.

Height : 16 in.

Weight : 20 lbs.

This dog generally presents a gay, lively and active appearance. He must also possess speed and endurance, and the symmetry of an English Foxhound. He must on no account be leggy, and like a well built hunter cover plenty of ground without being long in the body. The skull is flat and moderately narrow, ears V-shaped and small, dropping forward close to the cheek, jaws strong and muscular. Eyes dark in color, small, full of fire and intelligence, neck clean and muscular without throati-ness, chest deep but not broad, and the back should be short, straight and strong. His legs viewed in any direction must be straight, well boned throughout, and short and straight at the pasterns. His feet should be round and compact, tail set on rather high, always docked, and carried gaily, but not over the back or curled, and should be well coated. His coat is straight, flat, smooth, hard, dense and abundant.