Smooth Coated French Basset Hound.

Color: Black with white and tan, the head, shoulders and quarters a rich tan, and black patches on the back. They are sometimes hare-pied.

Height: 13 in.

Weight: 50 lbs.

The head is most perfect when it closely resembles that of a bloodhound. It is long and narrow with heavy flues, prominent occiput, and forehead wrinkled to the eyes. The general appearance of the head should indicate high breeding and a reproachful dignity. The eyes show a kind expression and no haw is visible. Ears very long, so long that in hunting they will often actually tread on them, set on low, and hang loose in folds like drapery. Their texture is thin and velvety. Forelegs only about four inches long. Stern is carried hound fashion, coat short, fine, smooth and glossy. Skin is loose and elastic.