1. Anterior cerebral artery.

2. Middle cerebral arteries.

3. Anterior communicating arteries.

4. Internal carotid arteries.

5. Posterior communicating arteries.

6. Posterior cerebral arteries.

7. Bifurcation of basilar artery.

8. Anterior cerebellar arteries.

9. Basilar artery.

10. Posterior cerebellar arteries.

11. Cerebral branches of cerebro-spinal artery.

A. Cerebral hemispheres.

B. Cerebellum.

c. Olfactory bulb.

D. Optic commissure.

e. Pituitary body.

F. Corpus albicans.

G. Olfactory tract.

H. Crura cerebri.

I. Pons varolii.

J. Medulla oblongata.

Arteries of the male pelvis.

Arteries of the male pelvis.

Arteries of the brain.

Arteries of the brain.


The Femoral Artery extends from the os pubis above to the lower part of the femur, where its name changes to the popliteal. In its course downward it gives off several considerable branches, which are distributed to the muscles of the thigh.

The Popliteal Artery, a continuation of the femoral, lies behind the femoro-tibial articulation or stifle-joint, and in front of the popliteal muscle. After distributing small branches to the structures around, it divides into two parts - the anterior and posterior tibial arteries.