In this deformity the teeth of the upper jaw project beyond those of the lower one, and are consequently not subjected to any attrition or wear (figs. 127 and 128). Where the malformation is extreme, horses are incapable of gathering their food when turned to grass, or accomplish it with some difficulty. They are apt, in consequence, to fall away in flesh, and should always be provided with dry food to make up the deficiency.

Fig . 127.   Parrot Mouth.

Fig-. 127. - Parrot Mouth.

In some severe cases of this deformity the lower row of incisor teeth are allowed to come into contact with the roof of the mouth and injure the bars or palate. In such cases the offending teeth should undergo periodical rasping to keep them down.

Reversed Parrot Mouth.

Fig. 128. - Reversed Parrot Mouth.