These are rounded masses of protoplasm without cell membrane, but containing a nucleus and granules of various kinds, some being particles of pigment, others oil globules, and others again grains of glycogen. They are separated from one another by minute blood-vessels, by the capillary bile-ducts, and by lymph spaces. Their functions are to secrete bile, to store up glycogen, and to give that substance up again to the blood when required for the purposes of the economy.

1 Right lobe. - Middle lobe. 3 Left lobe. 4 Lobulus Spigelii. 5 Right lateral ligament. 6 Left lateral ligament. 7 (Esophagus. 8 Posterior vena cava. 10 Ductus choledochus or bile-duct. 11 Pancreatic duct. 12 Duodenum, or first portion of small intestine. B, Pancreas.