This is a big, useful variety of Continental horse, the home of which lies north of Oldenburgh, and is bounded by the North Sea. The East Friseland breed may be regarded as occupying a position in the equine world of Germany somewhat analogous to that filled by the Cleveland Bay in this country, as he may be described as either the lightest of the agricultural breeds or the heaviest of the light harness varieties of his native land. He is an animal that develops very rapidly, so much so, indeed, that many of his breeders, if they happen to be farmers, will make use of him when he is three years old for light work on their holdings, but when he arrives at the age of four they part with him to dealers for landau and other such duties if he shows action and style enough.

During the past century the old East Friseland has been fined down a good deal by crossing with blood-horses and steppers, and hence his value has increased in this country, where many of the best-looking specimens of the variety are to be found in the heavy carriages of wealthy people.

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