The posterior tibial is a branch of the internal popliteal. In passing down the leg it is situated beneath the inner head of the gastrocnemius. It then becomes enclosed in the deep fascia of the leg, on the inner side of which it descends, and at the hock divides into two parts to become the internal and external plantar nerves. These enter the tarsal sheath in company with the plantar arteries, and separate from each other behind the hock.

From this point they proceed down the leg along with the perforans tendon, and divide as in the fore-limb to supply the foot.

The Anterior Tibial Nerve

The Anterior Tibial Nerve commences on the outer side of the stifle joint, and dips down between the peroneus and extensor pedis muscle, under cover of which it passes down the leg. On reaching the hock it bears outwards, and, together with the large metatarsal artery, passes down the limb to the fetlock joint, and expends itself in the skin on the outer side of the os suffraginis. It gives branches to the extensor pedis and flexor metatarsi, and on reaching the front of the hock some twigs to the extensor brevis.