The Schleswig horse is a totally different class of animal from the Holstein, inasmuch as he is distinctly of the heavy, carthorse type. He favours the Suffolk stamp, however, far more than he does the Shire Horse or the Clydesdales, being clean-legged like the first, and less bulky than either of the others. Considering his proportions the Schleswig is an active, nimble breed; so, whilst the most useful for the purpose of agriculturalists on light land, he is far better adapted-assuming that he is not soft - for such military work as the Artillery and Commissariat Departments require, as well as for vans and omnibus traffic.

Although there is no direct evidence to prove the correctness of the theory, it is highly probable that the ancestry of the Schleswig horse is connected in some way with that of the French Percheron, as the two breeds possess several features in common.