Sir Walter Gilbey, Bart., in his extremely interesting article on the subject of ponies, which appears in the Live Stock Journal Almanack for 1896, makes the statement that the moors and waste lands of Westmoreland and Cumberland have for centuries been used for breeding ponies, horses, and Galloways. Such being the case, it is remarkable to think how little the Westmoreland pony is really known; for although the presence of valuable ponies in the north has never been doubted, it was not known to everybody that the district has been the home of such animals for centuries. It is, however, extremely probable that the fame of Mr. C. W. Wilson's strain, which hail from Kirkby-Lonsdale, has of recent years so completely overshadowed all the other ponies in the district, that the latter have become lost sight of. No doubt Mr. Wilson found some of his foundation stock in that locality, but he, it may be observed, so improved them by judicious inbreeding and a scientific attention to the details of out crosses, that no better ponies can exist, and consequently diligent search should be made by intending breeders in the neighbourhood whence the Wilson ponies came.