Moss litter has been used largely as bedding. It is less costly than straw; but although its price has undergone a material reduction it is still more expensive than saw-dust.

Opinions differ very markedly as to the value of peat-moss as a bedding-material, some commending it unreservedly, others crediting it with injurious effects. At a meeting of the Midland Veterinary Association some members condemned it, and ascribed to it, more especially when used in a thick bed, the production of a condition somewhat analogous to dry rot in the hoof. Notwithstanding this, we find many practical men continuing to use it and speaking favourably of it.

In our experience saw-dust is preferable to moss. Saw-dust is both the cheaper and the cleaner material, and although the moss manure is the more valuable, this latter point is not an equivalent to the former points; besides which, saw-dust seems to have a less injurious effect on the hoof.