With a Complete Guide to Breeding, Training, and Management. Edited by Professor J. Wortley Axe, M.r.C.V.S., ex-President of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons; late Lecturer at the Royal Veterinary College, and at the Agricultural Colleges of Downton and Wye; Chief Veterinary Inspector to the Surrey County Council; Consulting Veterinary Surgeon to the British Dairy Farmers' Association; author of "The Mare and Foal", "Abortion in Cattle", "Anthrax in Farm Stock", "Examination of Horses as to Soundness", "Glanders, its Spread and Suppression ", " Swine Fever ", " Lithotomy, or the Removal of Stone from the Bladder of the Horse". Complete in 9 handsomely-bound divisional-volumes.

The work is divided into over twenty main sections, including Exterior of the Horse, Conformation and its Defects, Varieties of the Horse, Principles of Breeding and Management of the Breeding Stud, Horse Training for the Course, the Hunt, and the Show; Stable Management and Stable Vices; Examination as to Soundness, etc. Each section is virtually a book in itself, dealing exhaustively with every phase of its subject, the information in each case being brought down to the month of publication.

To the owner or responsible custodian of any horse or pony it is absolutely indispensable.