In preparing this little volume, the aim has been to make it just what its title implies, namely, a ready reference. The average farmer, with the many cares of agricultural life upon his mind, has no time to read elaborate works upon the scientific treatment of disease and store away knowledge for future use in the case of an emergency, as does the practitioner who has had the advantage of a collegiate course in veterinary science, but, on the contrary, he needs something to which he can refer with the shortest possible delay in the immediate time of need. With this in mind, the object has been to avoid everything that savored only of unproven theory; to make use of no mystifying technicalities; but to set forth every detail in as plain and concise a manner as possible.

While it is always advisable to place the treatment of sick or lame animals in the hands of a qualified veterinarian when it is possible to do so, yet it must be admitted that many farmers living in remote localities find it impossible to call such an individual in time to save an animal's life; to these especially, is this work recommended.

No great claim to originality is made; but with a knowledge gained from the works of Professors Williams, Fleming. Steele, Smith, Salmon, Baker, Liautard and others, together with a collection of ideas gathered from an extensive and varied practice, I have endeavored to select and compile a compend of methods of treatment and remedies, such as the stock owner or farmer can readily understand and apply with the conveniences at hand, and with the best chance of success.

With the hope that this little book may meet with the kind approbation of those for whom it is intended, it is launched upon its journey for better or for worse.

The Author