Inflammation of the bronchial tubes may follow any of the other respiratory diseases, or it may come on as a primary disease.

Causes. - The exciting causes are the same as in other catarrhal diseases. The inhalation of smoke, also, will cause it, as in the pernicious habit some people have of smoking with old rags, leather, feathers, etc., for distemper.

Symptoms. - A dryness of the throat and a rasping sound in the breathing; soreness of the chest just above the breast bone when pressed with the hand; a gurgling, snoring sound heard by placing the ear against the windpipe. Sometimes a soft, deep, subdued cough accompanied by great pain. Pulse and temperature both run high.

Treatment. - Give one drachm of nitrate of potash on the tongue three or four times a day, and rub the chest in front and on the sides with the ammoniacal liniment, as recommended in laryngitis and other affections of the throat. If the breathing is very difficult and painful, throw back on the tongue, with a syringe, half an ounce of laudanum or fluid extract of lobelia every two hours until relief is obtained. If the patient is very weak give an ounce of spirits of nitre in the drinking water three times a day.